I am the Digital Scholarship Librarian at Columbia University, where I collaborate with faculty, students and library colleagues in humanities research, pedagogy or knowledge production that involves the use of advanced computation, digital media design or network technologies. I am the lead coordinator for the Butler Library Studio at Columbia University Libraries, a tech-light, library innovation space focused on digital scholarship and pedagogy, and now a broadcast, Studio Remote. I’m also co-founder and moderator of Columbia’s Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities, a trans-disciplinary research cluster focused on experimental humanities; one of the creators and main editors of archipelagos journal: a journal of Caribbean digital praxis, and co-wrangler of its sister conference series, The Caribbean Digital.

My research interests include Caribbean culture and history, with a focus on twentieth century poetry; digital humanities and technology design for different infrastructural and socio-economic environments; and, the relations of power and material extent of the cultural and scholarly record.

Below is a selection of some of my work in digital humanities writ-large. For selected open access articles, visit the Archive section. For a complete professional profile you can download a copy of my Curriculum Vitae.

Public Initiatives

Covid Maker Response (CMR). New York City, NY., 2020 <covidmakerresponse.com>

Puerto Rico Mapathon for Hurricane Relief (#prmapathon). United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, 2017 <xpmethod.columbia.edu>

Rikers Story Bot. New York City, NY., 2016 <xpmethod.columbia.edu>

Digital Scholarship

“Cahier d’un retour au pays natal: le manuscrit de 1939. Aimé Césaire.” (Forthcoming 2021) <cahier1939ms.github.io>

“CariDischo2020: A Directory of Caribbean Digital Scholarship.” 2020 <caribbeandigitalnyc.net/caridischo>

“In the Same Boats.” 2020 <sameboats.org>

“Bearing Witness: The Covid-19 & Inequality History Documentation Project.” 2020 <bearingwitness.github.io>

“...... et les chiens se taisaient.” A digital edition. 2019 <cesaire.elotroalex.com/chiens>

“Ethnic Studies Rise.” 2019 <ethnicrise.github.io>

“Singing the Nation.” 2019 <singingthenation.com>

“Torn Apart/Separados.” 2018 <xpmethod.plaintext.in/torn-apart>

“Liturgical Books.” 2018 <liturgical.columbia.edu>

“The Making and Knowing Project: A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640.” 2017 <makingandknowing.org>

“The Nimble Tents Toolkit.” 2017 <nimbletents.github.io>

“Style Revolution.” 2017 <stylerevolution.github.io>

“Columbia University Digital Humanities.” 2016 <digitalhumanities.columbia.edu>

“Sudan Historical Photo Archive.” 2016 <sudanphoto.uofk.edu>

“Minimal Computing.” 2015 <go-dh.github.io/mincomp>

“Foucault 13/13.” 2015 <blogs.law.columbia.edu/foucault1313>

“Around DH in 80 Days.” 2014 <arounddh.org>

“The Translation Toolkit.” 2014 <go-dh.github.io/translation-toolkit>

“The Library Project.” 2014 <spatialinformationdesignlab.org/library>

“The Open Syllabus Project.” 2013–2014 <opensyllabusproject.org>

“Morningside Heights Digital History.” 2013 <mhdh.library.columbia.edu>

“Breaking the Code: The Developing Librarian Project.” 2013-2014 <devlib.library.columbia.edu>

Software development

Wax. 2018–2020 <minicomp.github.io/wax>

Ed. 2016–2018 <minicomp.github.io/ed>

Prism. 2011–2012 <praxis.scholarslab.org>